Automation Engineer

“After my study of Industrial engineer Automation I also graduated as a Civil engineer Energy. I immediately got to work at Actemium as an Automation Engineer. In this function I am in touch with all aspects of an industrial installation: electricity and instrumentation, SCADA, programming, MES and ICT. This results in a fascinating and varied job.



We work in a close team of experienced colleagues who are always of your assistance. The focus is on personal development at Actemium, and investments are made for training. By means of regular feedback and meetings with your responsible, your career is adjusted to your personal ambitions.

To me it is quite obvious: a bright future awaits me at Actemium!”


Electrical Engineer

“As an Electrical Engineer I am involved in several projects. I autonomously meet the customer in order to achieve the right electrical solution and I assist in the electrical activities. The most fascinating part of my job is the totality by which I can approach a project by myself, and the possibility to fully exploit my capacities, of course under the direction of experienced colleagues.



As an Electrical Engineer I put every aspect of my training into practice, which makes my function very interesting to me.

Each project gives me satisfaction because of the internal feedback by Actemium as well as that by the customer. In short, I have a very instructive, autonomous and varied job.”


E&I Technician

“Variation is the key of my function. As an E&I Technician I get in touch with a wide range of technologies. Each project is different and requires the use of different techniques, from very delicate and precise work, like calibrating machines, to heavier activities like passing valves.



The good team spirit is a big asset of Actemium. After my studies, Electrotechnology with a specialization in Measurement and control engineering, I immediately arrived in a team of nice colleagues, on whose experience I can always fall back. I also get the chance to broaden my knowledge by taking part in several trainings, and I have a clear view on the career opportunities within my function.”


Technical Support Engineer

“Being a Technical Support Engineer, I have a very versatile and varied function at Actemium. This job has offered me the opportunity to enormously broaden my knowledge on automation.

The variety of questions that I daily receive by phone or e-mail turns each day into yet another (technical) challenge.



And if I cannot immediately find the right answer, the collegiality within this company assures me that I can always appeal to many specialists.

To be able to put your own personality into your job is a big advantage. Moreover, Actemium also offers you sufficient opportunities to develop your career.”


Mechanical Engineer

“As a Mechanical Engineer at Actemium, I am in charge of small mechanical projects, or the mechanical part of a bigger project. Besides, I elaborate quotations and develop new concepts.

As the biggest advantage of my job, I clearly mark the variation. Moreover, the good support by experienced colleagues, the close contact with customers and an attractive salary are high assets to me. 




The knowledge that you built up at school can be further developed here, allowing you to take your technical and project skills a step further. And also for the future you are offered a clear perspective: several career opportunities according to your own talents and interests.”


Project Engineer

“As a Project Engineer at Actemium I deployed in a variety of projects, with regard to the dimensions as well as to the required techniques. This is a good training on the job, offering a balanced proportion between theory (office) and practice (field).

The activities with different materials (electrical and mechanical) also lead to a very varied function.



At Actemium, great importance is attached to direct feedback on your performance, thus creating an open spirit and good communication. The responsibility you get within your own function offers you satisfaction and appreciation, an important  motive that always keeps me alert!”


IT Application Engineer

“Although my studies were mainly focused on machines and control engineering, Actemium did offer me the opportunity to start in an IT team. After a short training period in order to master the different programming languages, I could quickly start to assist in several projects.



Being an IT Application Engineer, I develop custom-made software for the different production processes at our customers’. This looking for the ultimate solution is what keeps my job at Actemium a challenge at all times.

Moreover, Actemium also offers me the opportunity to keep developing within my work domain. This lifelong learning perfectly fits into the ‘VINCI way of life’, and offers me a clear view on my career opportunities.”


Automation Engineer

10 years ago I graduated as an industrial engineer. I immediately started at Actemium, first as a Junior Automation Engineer, later on as an Automation Engineer, and now I am Senior Automation Engineer. The principal tasks of this function are elaborating analyses and attending the Junior Automation Engineers.



I could also have chosen the function of project leader, but up until now, I still am too much fond of programming.

Meanwhile, I also have little 2 daughters. When they were still younger, I worked 4/5 for a while, but since a few years now, I am working full time again. Thanks to the mutual flexibility, this combination works out perfectly.”