As a part of the Actemium network with 400 Business Units located in 40 countries, Actemium China spreads over three locations in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. They provide a profound expertise in electrical, instrumentation, automation and mechanical through integrated projects.

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Actemium’s mission is to assist our customers in the optimization of their production environment and industrial activity.

  • Design

    Participation in the basic design phases – installation audit, consulting and support – on which design engineering builds in order to develop the solution.

  • Build

    Implementation, varying from specific technical solutions up to more broad, multi-technical and multi-site integration of complex projects.

  • Maintain

    Industrial maintenance operations including audit, maintenance engineering, operational on-site and workshop maintenance, unit shutdowns and related services.


A unique brand 100% dedicated to industry

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“Thanks to Actemium’s knowledge and experience, we were able to phase our revamping work and continue production throughout the project.”

Bakelants Willy

Pharma & Utilities Process Engineering Johnson & Johnson