Our know-how

Based on a strong knowledge of car and car part manufacturing engineering acquired over the years within the Actemium network (e.g. by Actemium Clermont for Michelin, since 1986), Actemium Shenyang and our engineers are able to offer you the industrial solutions you need. We unite the expertise of the entire Actemium network and local support, contacts and workforces in order to turn those solutions into actual achievements.

Our know-how in this field covers a large part of the manufacturing process, with a broad range of technical solutions, for example robotics, automation, axis management and workshop supervision.

Our teams will be pleased to build your project, advising you on the best solution at the best cost and then turning the preparatory studies into reality in your plant. Starting from your needs we can organize and supervise your projects until the production ramp up, providing you a turnkey production equipment.

We can follow your standards or help you to build out a standard for your electrical and machine documentation as well as your equipment software.


Actemium Shenyang provides solutions for:


Car manufacturers:

  • Conveying/storage
  • Assembly
  • Painting Control room
  • Simulation room


Car part providers:

  • Extrusion line

Workshop supervisor screen

Machine command panel screen

Simulation room

  • Mixing / Product preparation (transformation)
  • Extruding (transformation)
  • Assembly (transformation & final assembly)
  • Curving (transformation & finishing)
  • Painting (transformation & finishing)
  • Conveying / storage (between each stage)
  • Control room (overall, workshop and machine)
  • Simulation room (for the studies or for huge and/or sensitive process troubleshooting)