Following the design phase and prior to the maintenance phase, the “Build” phase, covering implementation, is central to the industrial life cycle of every project. This is the traditional core business of the Actemium teams. Around it, they have built a one-of-a-kind set of solutions & services for industry.

Actemium’s “Build” services cover all the major industrial sectors. The brand is made up of some 400 business units spread over 40 countries, which work either directly with industrial customers or, less frequently, as a partner of specialized companies or major engineering firms. With the goal of meeting the customer’s needs and optimizing his industrial performance, Actemium builds on its broad range of expertise, substantial track record and powerful network to provide a customized service in strict compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.

The strength of a network of business units

When you call on Actemium to implement your projects, you have access to a network of over 400 business units entirely dedicated to the industry market and operating in 40 countries. All business units work in close conjunction with each other.

This networking system enables Actemium to handle all types of contracts, from highly specific to comprehensive, and to expand her services around the world.

The many further advantages of Actemium’s networking system include:

  • Simplified customer relations

Each contract awarded to Actemium is headed by a project manager who serves as the single interface with the customer. The project manager ensures consistency of the work performed, which simplifies management of the interface between the various teams in charge of executing the project and the customer.

  • Customized multi-site, multi-country services

Building on its strong network of business units, Actemium has the capability to work on several industrial production sites, including sites located in different countries, simultaneously under a single contract.

This international support is made possible by combining the “Actemium expert” in a given process with the resources (logistic, technical, financial, legal, human, etc.) of the local business units operating nearby the customer and being entirely familiar with practices in the country of operation.

This on-the-spot support enables Actemium to start projects immediately and to prepare local teams to manage the project over time.