From idea to realization

Together with you, our teams of highly qualified engineers can help you turn an idea into actual implementation. Whether you are redesigning or expanding your production facility, our specialists can advise you in order to find the most optimal solution.

Actemium offers multi-disciplinary design and engineering services, from idea to realization.

Making segmentation work for you

The multi-disciplinary design and engineering services of Actemium can be put into use in different ways, from process engineering and mechanical engineering to industrial automation. All the fields of knowledge, specialties and proven skills that are required across all project phases – Consult, Design, Build and Maintain – are available in-house.

Moreover, our multi-disciplinary engineering approach can be applied to existing plants (brownfield) and to new plants (greenfield). Using our approach and tools, any extensions to existing systems during the engineering process can be easily managed. The implementation phase can therefore be completed efficiently and without surprises.

We create project teams that are adapted to the size and complexity of your problem. They are led by a project manager. All our specialist teams work closely together, as this cooperation creates the perfect conditions for each project. We provide workable, practical solutions and a clear approach, based on commitment, mutual trust, personal contact and the pursuit of a long-lasting relationship.

Our offer in plant design:

  • Master plan studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept design
  • Basic design
  • Detail Engineering
  • Civil / Buildings
  • Process
  • Mechanical / Piping
  • Process automation and IT
  • Electrical and instrumentation

If you are looking for a ‘first time right’ design for your production process, Actemium is your most appropriate partner!

Actemium is an industrial service provider with a proven track record. Since we perform both project engineering and execution, we are close to the source of practical innovation. This is a huge advantage for our customers. What makes us unique is that we know how to implement a design using the most recent (or state-of-the-art) process equipment.

Actemium offers:

  • Feasibility studies covering development methods, problem definition, technical feasibility and appropriate applications
  • Analysis of business processes and associated information needs
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes, business processes and information systems
  • Identification and specification of user requirements and desires, and translation into a URS (User Requirements Specification) or a complete specification
  • Design of information system architecture and functional design of IS
  • Risk assessment
  • Energy Efficiency