Industrial Automation

New works, revamping or securing installations: our knowledge of your process and technologies allows us to meet your site’s needs & requirements (safety, optimization, performance commitments, quality, training, etc.).

Our solutions for the chemical industry for instance unite our diverse know-how, for a continuous improvement of your production process and logistics.


On-site product storage and transfer

Our longstanding commitment to customers that are leaders in this field has afforded us extensive expertise in the domains of pipeline transport and multi-product storage:

  • Tank management and product transfer monitoring
  • Loading / unloading platform control
  • Stock and account inventories
  • Knowledge of local administrative and regulatory authorities
  • Management of accounting, customs and transport documents
  • Counting beds, shooters, liquid chambers, manifolds, boosting, line re-injection
  • Design of in-line sampling systems
  • Cathodic protection, corrosion inhibition

Batch process

Actemium has developed several workshops on different software applications to respond to needs in terms of:

  • Process control (account management, raw materials, equipment use, etc.)
  • Production monitoring (traceability, manufacturing order follow-up, etc.)
  • Packaging and storage
  • Traceability and genealogy of materials and finished products
  • Use of S88, Astrid, Delta Nodes, and other standards

Continuous process

In addition to assisting customers with continuous processes, Actemium goes further in terms of security with our “Global Safety Solutions”, which ensures:

  • Risk analysis support (Hazop, FMECA and other methods)
  • SIL definition
  • Custom-designed security systems
  • Your choice of architecture, components and programming
  • Flawless traceability and maintenance
  • Clear, detailed documentation concerning procedures

Process control rooms

  • Process control system architecture
  • Basic and detailed studies in electricity and instrumentation
  • Control room ergonomics and functioning
  • Process control system development and migration
  • Design and construction of skids in industrial analysis
  • Instrumentation and electrical renovations
  • Assistance for unit launches and optimization
  • Control room transfers