• Design
    • Electrical and pneumatic design
      Electrical and pneumatic drawings, cabinet and network layouts, components dimensioning
    • Automation software design
      Controller software programming, controller and dedicated control cards dimensioning, communication network implementation
    • Supervision
      Supervision system software programming, control screen software programming
    • Robotics
      Robots dimensioning, robots software programming
    • HMI interface
      Control screen software programming
    • Synchronization for AC and DC drives
      Conveyors synchronization, speed and torque regulation loop implementation
    • Axis control
      Angular and linear positioning
    • Process control
      Temperature, pressure, thickness, weight control implementation
    • Simulation platform
      Implementation of simulation platforms to software functionalities, workshop and line controller interactions and process troubleshooting.
    • Traceability and storage management
      Storage automatic equipment and management software programming


  • Fabrication (manufacturing)
    • Electrical cabinet (power / command cabinets and control panels)
    • Pneumatic cabinet


  • Installation
    • Platform electrical and pneumatic pre-wiring
    • Electrical and pneumatic installation at customer premises
    • Mechanical implementation and installation
    • Electrical and pneumatic installation testing
    • On site measurement


  • Commissiong
    • I/O testing
    • Equipment commissioning
    • Ramp up assistance


  • Services
    • Requirements and needs analysis
      According to the existing production workshop we help you in defining how to improve your production capacity.
    • Technical solutions proposal
      According to the explanations of your production issues we propose some new technical solutions and help you to define the most suitable one, in order to solve the problems in short delay and at a better price.
    • Specification analysis redaction
      According to your needs we help you to write a specification request in order for you to compare your suppliers. Their answer to a unique and detailed information source can be compared more accurately.