Fine Chemicals


Our know-how

Both for basic and fine industries Actemium proposes essential solutions, that can immediately be put into use and that pay off quickly after implementation.


At the basis of a cooperation with Actemium is the pursuit of a possible continuous improvement of your production process. In order to achieve this, our consultants also examine your power supply, services and raw materials, and put a strong focus on logistics and a flexible transfer or storage.

Whether your production line is a continuous process or a chain of separate tasks ‘in batch’, we develop custom-made solutions, taking into account all specific regulations and restrictions like ATEX SIL, ROI, etc. We implement your new production units, but also provide upgrades of existing units, by applying a specific retrofit-approach.


How we can help you on in the practically best and quickest way?

Actemium selects an optimal team, with engineering talent from our proper rankings. This polyvalent and autonomous project team concentrates on the global package of services within your automation project. The team works in a multidisciplinary way and gives its all to offer you the right answer.

All engineers and consultans are trained in technically demanding projects where the pressure of time continuously increased. They are all very experienced in machine- and process automation within the chemicals industry.

Recognition that inspires customers’ confidence.

Actemium feels very strongly about the added value of our service to our customers. Our business units meet the highest QHSE-standards, are certified in accordance with the ISO9001-quality standard and fully comply with the OHSAS 18001 and the VCA-Petrochemistry Safety Check list.

QHSE is entirely integrated in our project life cycle. Before the start of every project, the safety co-ordinator draws up a detailed and standardized quality-, health- and safety plan, that is purposefully discussed with the customers’ project leader. Time and again, this approach guarantees optimal results and a perfect customer satisfaction.


We offer solutions for:

  • power supply and utilities
  • storage and transfer
  • architecture of DCS-systems
  • order processing by software and production observance in accordance with recognized standards
  • continuous support, also on the level of safety
  • construction, functionality and assistance for control rooms