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A skid is a building block of the components, constructed and tested off site with all its functions, then re-assembled on site for final commissioning.


Skid Design

  • complete skids are designed in detail with 3D-drawing, for customer review and approval. This way we can avoid modifications on site.
  • fabrication of the skids and FAT is executed in the workshop. Initial commissioning allows us to optimize and to foresee the necessary modifications in advance.


We can offer a various range of skids:


Modular skid for clean utility

  • PW distribution skid (O3 sterilization skid, 85 degree water sterilization skid)
  • WFI distribution skid(85 and 121 degree water sterilization skid)
  • WFI user point cooling skid
  • Clean steam and processing air header.
  • Clean steam sampling cooling skid.


Modular skid for formulation

  • CIP/SIP Skid (customized audits solution)
  • Media preparation skid (agitation, mixing etc.)
  • Mobile tank skid
  • Storage tank skid
  • Filtration skid




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